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Manjistha Herb Best Blood Purifying Herb in Ayurveda

manjistha herb
Manjistha Herb Best Blood Purifying Herb in Ayurveda

Manjistha Herb Benefits

Manjistha Herbs is a renowned medicinal herb that is found in India, Africa and Southeast Asia. In Ayurvedic medicine, Manjistha ayurvedic herb is considered as the best alternative or blood purifying herb. Manjistha Ayurvedic herb botanical name is Rubia Cordifolia. Scientific studies have shown that it regulates blood pressure, blood vessel constriction and helps prohibit blood clot formation. Manjistha herb is the natural herb that is used in the treatment of many illnesses. This herb consists of high medicinal value.

what is Manjistha Herb?

Manjistha is perennial herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s thought to support your lymphatic system. Manjistha is deep red in color.

Manjistha Plant

As discussed the Manjistha plant. Manjistha is also known as Indian madder. Manjistha is widely an apex of all superfoods.

Manjistha Root

The root of the manjistha herb is rich in medicinal properties and had many benefits that are useful to the humans.

Manjistha Tea

Manjistha tea is a decoction made from the powdered manjistha. Manjistha tea is used as an immune booster, an antidiabetic, for gynecological disorders, indigestion and many more.

Manjistha Herb Uses / Manjistha herb benefits


Manjistha For Weight Loss

Manjistha is very much useful in weight loss. Obesity is becoming a serious problem. Due to obesity many diseases and health issues are arising. Obesity is a cause for heart problems and many other problems. : Manjistha is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. So the manjistha is an excellent remedy for overweight.

Manjistha For Urinary Problems

It is also anti-biotic and very much used in treating urinary calculi.

  • Epilepsy: Manjistha helps in controlling irritation of nerves and pacifies the mind.
  • Diarrheal: Manjistha works very well in treating diarrheal.

Manjistha for Skin Pigmentation

Studies show that Manjistha extract reduces hyper proliferation of epidermal skin cells. manjistha is considered as valuable Ayurvedic herb  in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used since long time. Herb is effective blood detoxifier that helps in management of skin disorders such as skin hyperpigmentation and skin allergies. This skin pigmentation will show effect on the person’s self confidence. Manjistha and Licorice root is very useful in treating pigmentation. By all these we know that manjistha is very effective in treating skin pigmentation.

Manjistha For Blood Purification

Manjistha is widely used as a blood purifier. It acts mainly on rasa and rakta srotasas elevates the Kapha and Pitta doses and eliminates the toxins.

Manjistha For Immune Regulator

In Ayurvedic medicine, manjistha is used as a immune regulator. Due to the properties present in manjistha it serves as a good source for immune system .

manjistha herb

Manjistha For Skin

Manjistha has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Manjistha contains sulfur and tannins, natural substances that give this herb ability to eliminate bacterial functions. The root of manjistha plant is the section that is commonly used in medicinal remedies. Anyone can make the manjistha into a powder form and take it as a supplement. manjistha is highly recommended for skin diseases associated with Edema and oozing.

Manjistha For Hair Loss

Some Ayurvedic herbs are also used as deodorants and cosmetic oil preparations. The shining and glowing hair is possible through Ayurvedic herbs like manjistha. When manjistha is combined with henna and hibiscus which will give your greys a darker red colour which in turn make it slightly quicker to obtain brown or black hair color when indigo is applied. Everybody desires to have a shining hair. But stressful life and due to many other factors hair fall is very high in the people. Getting a shining and dark hair is a tough aspect. But the Ayurvedic herb has the remedy for shining hair and also to reduce hair loss. More…..

  • Manjistha also has the healing properties that protect gums from receding. Its principal constituents are purpurin, munjistin, purpuroxanthin in and pseudopurpurin.

Energetics of Manjistha

Taste (Rasa): Bitter, sweet, astringent
Energy (Virya): Cooling
Post-digestive quality (Vipaka): Pungent
Quality (Guna): Heavy, dry
Constitution Effect (Dosa): PK -, V+
Tissue (Dhatu): Plasma, Blood, Muscles, Bone
Channel (Srotas): Circulatory, female reproductive, excretory, bone

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