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Garlic Tea : 9 Hidden Garlic Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Garlic Tea Benefits
Benefits of Garlic Tea

Garlic Tea Benefits and Garlic tea Side Effects

Garlic tea is a natural formula made from lemon, honey, and garlic. The tea–functioned hot– is a popular cure for cold symptoms, such as congestion and cough. Several medicinal uses of garlic are supported by scientific research, but not all garlic tea benefits are shown in human studies. Garlic is A Natural form of a natural herbs. Garlic Tea which Can be Easily Made at Home and can be easily consumed For a healthy life. Garlic Tea Benefit and protect Human body from many disease. Like all natural herbs Garlic tea benefits and side effects both are mention in this post.

What is Garlic 

Garlic is a plant within the Allium (onion) circle of relatives. It is closely related to onions, shallots and leeks. Each phase of a garlic bulb is known as a clove. There are approximately 10–20 cloves in a unmarried bulb, supply or take

Garlic Tea Benefits

What is Garlic Tea

Garlic tea Is A Mixture of Tea and Garlic Cloves.Garlic consists of many health benefits. Scientifically garlic is known as allium sativum. It also consists of various vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Garlic consists of some compounds like allicin which is rich in medical properties. Garlic tea is effective one for drinking it is very healthy.it also consists of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and many other properties which are good for health.


Garlic Tea Recipe | How Do You Make Garlic Tea?

Garlic Tea

  • Take 3 cups of water
  • Take 3 cloves of Raw garlic
  • Boil them and when water is sufficiently hot
  • Turn off the stove
  • Add half cup of honey to it
  • Add half cup of lemon juice
  • Take 2 cups daily.
Benefits of Garlic tea
benefits of Garlic tea

Garlic Tea Benefits For Health 

1. Garlic Tea For Cough & Cold

 Garlic is rich in antioxidants which is effective to improve immune system. Cold is a worse condition everyone suffers due to climate changes and many other causes. allergy may also cause cold, always suggested to keep distance Things which are not suitable for one’s Body. Garlic Tea May Help in treating cold and cough instantly. The mixture of Garlic with Ginger is a proven remedy from ancient world. In Asian country people also prefer to have Home Made Remedy Called ” KADA”, Which is mixture of herbs, ” Garlic Tea” Plays vital role in Preventing Cold. This is one of the Popular among garlic tea benefits.

2. Garlic Tea Treats Brain Cancer

Garlic contains sulphur compounds which are useful in destroying cells which causes brain tumour. Human body is consist of two types of cells

  1. cells which are healthy for body
  2. cells which are not at all useful for body

Garlic tea is full with sulphur. Which is helpful in preventing the formation of type 2 cells. This comes to no. 2 In Garlic tea Benefits list

3. Garlic Tea For Heart Health

The compounds present in garlic is very useful in treating heart failure, heart attack. As heart is a very important part of any living body on this planet , people also refers this part to emotions.

Hydrogen sulphide is very helpful for the heart. The garlic oil component will deliver healthy benefits to the heart. So the garlic tea is also very useful in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. garlic Tea Benefits and is also helpful in preventing this heart diseases.

4. Garlic Tea for High Blood Pressure 

As in today hectic life and unplanned lifestyle the issue of blood pressure is common in all age group. Due to more mentally pressure rather body exercise the body is unable to manage blood circulation, which cause Problem in unbalance Blood Pressure.

Garlic consists of some supplements which helps in reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressures. It also improves blood lipid profiles and also strengthens blood anti oxidant potential. It also reduces high cholesterol levels and also reduce high blood pressure in patients who are suffering from hypertension and also increased anti oxidants in the body. This One of the among all Garlic Tea Benefits from nature to human.

5.Garlic Tea Boosts Immunity

Bactria’s are the biggest enemy of human health in this universe. bacterial Infection may affect body in many days. bacterial infection may take place due to little mistakes in daily routine, dirty hands, unclean places, unsafe food etc.

Garlic tea consists of anti bacterial and anti-fungal compounds such as Allicin. These compounds are used to boost the immune system. Garlic tea garlic Tea Benefits and is helpful in fighting infectious pathogens which are helpful in immunity boosting.

6. Garlic Tea Improves Respiratory System

Cough, cold and sore throat are common to every person but it varies according to their immunity. Inflammation is also caused in respiratory tracts. This garlic Tea Benefits and is very effective to reduce congestion and also respiratory tract inflammation.

7. Garlic Tea Weight Loss

Over weight had became a problem in most people and this over weight is causing many health problems ranging from mild to severe. for stimulation of metabolism , garlic tea is very useful. The garlic tea Benefits and is helpful in burning the fats which tends to the reduction of weight.

8.Garlic Tea Nasal Congestion

One of the remedy for nasal congestion is spice. Nasal congestion or stuffy nose causes irritation to the people. So the ingredients and compounds present in the garlic Tea Benefits and is very helpful in treating nasal congestion or stuffy nose.

9.Garlic Tea Fights Infection

Infections are of various types. Mainly infections are due to bacteria, fungus etc. this infections leads to severe health problems if they were not taken care. So the properties present in garlic is useful in treating in infection. The garlic tea Benefits and  very helpful in treating infection.

So garlic tea has huge benefits . so take it twice a day and take care of  your health at your home.

Side Effect Of Garlic Tea

Garlic Is a NATURAL HERBS, as garlic tea is a natural remedy which does not contain caffeine. But As per NIH report garlic has some side effects too. Consuming Garlic Cloves me Cause.

  • body odor and bad breath
  • Burning issue in heart ( Heart Burn)
  • Little Bit upset stomach
  • Those who has Allergy from Garlic may not be take it orally and also not suggested to take it.
  • As Garlic has Heating Impact , Taking Garlic May Cause of Bleeding issue too.
  • If someone undergoes any Homeopathy Treatment , He/She is not suggested to consume Garlic Cloves or Garlic Tea.
  • If Someone is taking any Medicine to thin blood such as warfarin, suggested to take advice before using it.

Conclusion about Garlic Tea

As Garlic is Proven natural medicine and being used from ancient time as a pain killer, heat generator, Sexual Power Booster, Memory Enhancer etc. Garlic is being used in the different forms i.e. garlic tea, garlic oil, garlic cloves, garlic powder. Garlic is available in all the Indian kitchen. In Asia Garlic is used as a vegetable. People also take garlic in a pickle forms in Asian countries. Garlic has uncountable benefits. Garlic tea Recipe is cheap and easy to cook at home only.some other benefits of garlic Tea are

  • Garlic Tea Benefits as antibacterial.
  • Garlic Tea Benefits as antiviral.
  • Garlic Tea Benefits anti-parasitic.
  • Garlic Tea Benefits anti-fungal.
  • Garlic Tea Benefits in low blood pressure.

Consuming Garlic in proper quantity can help in healthy and fit lifestyle


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Garlic Tea : 9 Hidden Garlic Tea Benefits and Side Effects
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Garlic Tea : 9 Hidden Garlic Tea Benefits and Side Effects
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