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Ayurvedic Juice Recipes for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Stress and Depression

ayurvedic juice recipes
Ayurvedic Juice Recipes for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Stress and Depression

How to make Ayurvedic Juice Recipes

Ayurvedic Juice recipes(Juicing)is a way to provide a high level of quality nourishment to yourself. It’s a practice taken up by many individuals who are health conscious, who claim how good it’s. The juice requires any nourishment, so all of its goodness that is nutritional gets into your system. Whenever you juice, you use more vegetables and fruits than you could actually eat. You’re ingesting a quantity of vitamins, minerals. Both anti inflammatory vitamins C and E forbid the harmful effect of free radicals on artery walls, they stop blood from clotting and sticking in addition to maintaining the blood non-toxic. Good to levels of vitamin C are available in veggies and fruits.

You can use kiwi, blackberries, asparagus and spinach. Magnesium and magnesium are essential for a pulse and proper heart function. Among its functions is to wash the blood and eliminate metabolism waste and toxins. Vitamin C carotene, E vitamin, and N acetyl cysteine are liver cleansers.

Alkalizing your system:

All veggies are alkalizing. Increased levels of energy! – This one is fairly simple. A lot of juicing means plenty vitamins and minerals that are accountable for all sorts of chemical reactions that are required boosting energy and health and therefore plenty more energy.

Rebuild blood cells:

Yes that is right. This is made possible by your incredibly healthful chlorophyll, which would need a post of its own to provide justice to its health advantages. On a molecular level chlorophyll appears almost exactly like a part of the red blood cell hemin.

More amazingly scientists have found that whenever you assimilate chlorophyll to the body, it can make the chemical shift and truly becomes hemin. Basically, taking chlorophyll is nearly like getting a blood transfusion. Chlorophyll is also a pigment which gives plants their green color. So place the green stuff on your juicer recipes. The darker your green,  more chlorophyll it contains.

Improved immunity system! – Varied and normal juicing is going to give you a wide variety and also more than sufficient amount of anti-oxidants that are crucial for a healthful immunity system.

The anti-oxidants from vegetables and fruits include vitamins A, C, E, and a broad selection of plant chemicals called phytochemicals.

Vegetable juice recipes

Juice is the beverage made by extracting the liquid from the fruits or vegetables. Everybody likes the juices because they are rich in taste and are very easy to consume. It also provides a good and fresh feeling. In summer these are the very good source for all the people to cope up with that atmosphere. First the fruits or vegetables are selected and washed and then the juice is extracted by many methods. Not only in taste but also it provides many more healthy benefits. It is preferred by everyone.

There are different juice recipes for various health issues.

Ayurvedic Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

ayurvedic juice recipes
ayurvedic juice recipes

1.HONEY, LEMON JUICE: It is very useful in weight loss and it can be simply made.


  • Take a glass of Luke warm water and mix 2 tb ls ripe lemon juice and 4 tbls of honey.
  • Take this juice on an empty stomach and after meal.
  • When the body gets habituated to the juice dosage can be increases.


  • Honey is an excellent cure for obesity. Honey targets att the extra fat deposited on the body and converts it into energy.
  • Lemon water promotes quick bursts of energy and even cleans out the wastes.
  • So, this honey lemon juice is very helpful in weight reduction.

2.PINEAPPLE, GINGER, MINT, LEMON: This recipe is very effective in weight loss.


  • Blend half of sliced pineapple with 1 piece of ginger root and some mint leave in the glass of water.
  • Filter juice and stir 1 tsp of frsh lemon juice and drink it.


  • Ginger increases core body temperature which helps in burning the calories.
  • Mint and lemon optimizes the digestion and helps to burn the calories.
  • Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelanin which consists anti inflammatory properties which help in shrinking belly fat. So, this recipe is used in weight reduction.

Ayurvedic Juice Recipes for Reducing Anxiety

ayurvedic juice recipes
ayurvedic juice recipes

Over anxiety causes some psychological disorders. So, there are some juice recipes for anxiety which helps in reducing the anxiety.

1. Papaya and Apple Juice: It is very helpful and useful in controlling anxiety. The properties in the present in the juice will help in controlling the anxiety.


  • Take 1 chopped papaya(papaya extract has amazing benefits) and 1 apple in a blender and add a bit of water to blend them.
  • Drink this juice 2 or 3 hours before bedtime or half an hour before any meal.


Pomegranate is rich in anti oxidants and bio-flavonoids. This juice is very effective in reducing the anxiety.


  • Combine 2 ripe pomegranates, 1 green apple , 2 oranges and 1 lime with peel and place them on the juicer.
  • Juice it and have the juice which helps in reducing the anxiety.


  • Cabbage and carrot and very helpful in dealing the anxiety because it is very rich in anti oxidants and vitamin C. this juice not only helps in reducing the anxiety and also to strengthen your immune system. 
  • B vitamin niacin and riboflavin aid livercleaning.
  • Brussel sprouts, Cabbage and cauliflower are found to be good for your liver. You may add your juice recipes and milk thistle supplements to help your liver.


  • Take ¼ of cabbage chopped, 3 large carrots and 2 fennel bulbs chopped into 4 pieces in a blender and mix well and drink.

Ayurvedic Juice Recipes for Depression and Stress

Depression and stress are increasing nowadays very much. It is very difficult to cope up with stress and depression. Some of the juices is very helpful in reducing the depression and stress.

1.APPLE AND SPINACH JUICE: Apple and spinach juice is very effective in treating depression because it consists of vitamin C. minerals. All the citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which consists of dopamine which helps in reducing depression.

ayurvedic juice recipes
ayurvedic juice recipes


  • Mix medium sized apple , spinach, celery, orange, ginger root and ½ lemon in a blender and juice it.
  • The above are the ayurvedic food recipes which helps

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