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Ayurvedic Recipes


Medicinal uses of Tulsi/Holy Basil(Ocimum sanctum)and its benefits

Tulasi Plant Information Medicinal plant Tulsi commonly known as holy basil, it has so many benefits in day to day life and this herb work very...
Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes

JalJeera-Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes-Easy And Delicious Ayurvedic Recipe

Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes - JalJeera - How to Make Jaljeera, Benefits Of Jaljeera The human body requires good and fresh food for good health. If...
licorice root extract

Licorice Root : Amazing Benefits of Licorice Root Powder For Skin

Licorice Root Or Glycyrrhiza glabra  What is Glycyrrhiza glabra ?  A healthy radiant skin is often an indication of inner balance, proper nutrition, and peaceful disposition. According to...
Neem Plant

Neem Plant Benefits, Medicinal Uses and Healing properties

Neem Plant Uses and Benefits In Ayurveda Neem plant/tree has many benefits, it is the source of natural medicine for many diseases. It is a  God...
immune system boosters

Immune System Boosters | Six Natural ways to strengthen your body

How to Increase Immunity Home Remedies Natural ways of immune system boosters is the best approach for maintaining healthy immune function, few people might like...
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