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Introduction to Yoga | What is Yoga? |Health Benefits of Yoga 

Introduction to Yoga: Yoga practice gives many physical and mental advantages, providing progressed flow, flexibility, respiratory, strength, and extra. While all workout offers physical benefits,...

Ashwagandha Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects (Withania Somnifera)

Ashwagandha Benefits Ashwagandha, the scientific or botanical name is Withania Somnifera means " bringing sleep". It is a perennial shrub know by many names including...

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arjuna Herb

Arjuna Herb-Benefits of Arjuna Herb | Herbal Remedies for Heart

Terminalia Arjuna medicinal uses Friends, Today Ecoayurveda is posting about Arjuna Herb, it is an herbal hero for heart, it has so many uses. Botanical name...
aloe vera gel

Aloe vera Gel Benefits For Skin, Hair and Weight Loss

Aloe vera Gel is very good for skin. Every one wants to have a glowing and effective skin. Aloe vera is an effective one....
manjistha benefits

Manjistha Benefits for Glowing Skin and Shining Hair

Manjistha Benefits for Glowing Skin  and shining Hair Manjistha Benefits: Botanical name is Rubia cardifolia. Manjistha is renowned medicinal herb that is found in India,...
high protein

Best and Amazing High Protein Diet for Weight loss

High protein diet for weight loss may enable you to mild your hungry, which could enable you to get thinner. You can attempt it...
Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes

JalJeera-Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes-Easy And Delicious Ayurvedic Recipe

Healthy Ayurvedic Recipes - JalJeera - How to Make Jaljeera, Benefits Of Jaljeera The human body requires good and fresh food for good health. If...