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Amazing effects of Dandelion Root Extract(Taraxacum Officinale)

Dandelion Root Benefits Dandelion Root Benefits : Mother earth is full of plants.She created many plants with the purpose of providing food and good health...

Detoxification of body naturally at home in simple ways which are...

What is detoxification?How to detox  body naturally at home? Detoxification means removing of toxic substances from the living organism physiologically. Detoxification refers to the removing...

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healthy seeds

Super Healthy Seeds you should add in your Daily Meal

Super Healthy Seeds and Grains The healthy Seeds are very useful to the health because they consists of nutrients. Seeds are rich in fiber. When...
ayurvedic home remedies for asthma

Natural Ayurvedic home remedies for Asthma wheezing

Ayurvedic home remedies for Asthma Ayurvedic home remedies for asthma helps us to control wheezing naturally at home. Let us know  what Asthma is? what...
aloe vera gel

Aloe vera Gel Benefits For Skin, Hair and Weight Loss

Aloe vera Gel is very good for skin. Every one wants to have a glowing and effective skin. Aloe vera is an effective one....
manjistha benefits

Manjistha Benefits for Glowing Skin and Shining Hair

Manjistha Benefits for Glowing Skin  and shining Hair Manjistha Benefits: Botanical name is Rubia cardifolia. Manjistha is renowned medicinal herb that is found in India,...
ayurvedic juice recipes

Ayurvedic Juice Recipes for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Stress and Depression

How to make Ayurvedic Juice Recipes Ayurvedic Juice recipes(Juicing)is a way to provide a high level of quality nourishment to yourself. It's a practice taken...